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First Visit

The first dental visit to our Portland office should occur shortly after the first tooth erupts and no later than the child's first birthday. Beginning early may prevent extensive dental needs in a future, creating a strong foundation for prevention.

At the first visit we will provide:

•  comprehensive examination
•  individual caries risk assessment
•  education on oral hygiene instruction
•  diet information
•  latest facts about finger, thumb and pacifier habits
•  what you need to know about preventing injuries to the mouth and teeth
•  information on growth and development

We want to make your child's first visit to our Portland office as pleasant as possible.

We introduce your child to the instruments and procedures using language that is age appropriate and friendly. For example, rather than take radiographs we take pictures of the teeth. This way, a child feels comfortable and has a positive experience.

Some of the terms we use:

•  Examination: Count teeth
•  Cleaning: Brush teeth
•  X-rays: Pictures of teeth
•  Cavity causing bacteria: Sugar bugs
•  Explorer: Tooth counter
•  Drilling on tooth: Use the whistle or bumpy brush
•  Injection: Squirter with sleepy juice
•  Extraction: Wiggle the tooth
•  And many others

Parents play a critical role in good home habits and nutrition. As integral members of the team, they are always welcome to accompany the child during cleanings and treatment.

Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time at our Portland office in order to fill out all appropriate initial paperwork. This will help eliminate any delay and help us stay on time for your first appointment. Consider making a morning appointment when children tend to be rested and cooperative.

New Patient Forms

For your convenience we have posted our forms and policies online. Please click on the Patient Forms button to print and fill out the new patient forms. You can either email these to us at info@portlandchildrensdentistry.com or print them out and bring them to your appointment. This will help your first appointment move quickly and smoothly.

Book Recommendations for First Dental Visit

Below are a few book recommendations to introduce young children to the dentist. They can learn from familiar and friendly characters what to expect and how much fun the dentist can be!

 A children's book 'Throw your tooth on the roof.'  A children's book 'Usborne First Experiences Going to the Dentist.'  A children's book Sugerbug  Doug 'All About Cavities, Plaque and Teeth.'  A children's book 'Open Wide.'

 The Dr. Seuss book 'The Tooth Book.'   The Elmo from Sesame Street Book 'Ready set, Brush!'   The Dora the Explorer book 'Show Me Your Smile!'

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