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July 07, 2017
Dr. Patty and Janelle was so amazing with my daughter! She had to have 2 tooth extracted due to an infection- and it was our first time meeting Dr. Patty. They talked her through everything and made her very comfortable with the whole process- a first for her! Highly recommend Dr. Patty and her crew at Portland Children's Dentistry.

July 18, 2017
Fantastic experience for my 6 year old daughter. Let me put it to you this way, do you remember ever leaving the dentist when you were a kid and asking "When do I get to go back?" My daughter has been to a couple of dentists and blah...nothing horrid, just average. In contrast, Dr. David and his team were amazing, thorough, and fun. They gave me my parental download, patiently listened to my questions, and actually provided considered answers. Not only that, but the clinic was designed with a kid in mind. Everything has been very well considered. We are into our second year of care and look forward to many more.

June 26, 2017
Best pediatric children's clinic, my daughter loves it here. I also feel confident she is not only getting great care but having a fun time.

June 2, 2017
The office has state of the art equipment for Children dental care. It is very clean and up to the standard I have known in the state of California.
The staff is professional, friendly and very helpful.
The dentist is very nice and very patient with children. He is also highly knowledgeable. They take a picture at the end of the treatment with Mickey and Mini and offer the child a toy of his choice. My son Aiden had a great time having his teeth checked and thoroughly cleaned and of course taking a picture and getting a toy:).

I highly recommend this office for children dental care.

May 18, 2017

May 15, 2017
Dr. Patty is absolutely wonderful! She is so kind, sweet and caring, my daughter just loved her! She's very patient and so good at what she does! Very thankful to have a dentist I can trust with my baby.
Also her assistant Janelle was such a natural and you can tell she loves what she does! :)

May 2017
Dr. David and his staff are simply the best of the best. We feel warmly welcomed always, and treatment is top-of-the-industry...

May 2017
I can tell you that David is the sweetest, most caring dentist that you will ever meet. I can say this with unbiased authority because he is my grandson. Ever since he was a child he has exhibited such compassion for those around him. Now I am filled with pride as I watch him as a husband to my beautiful granddaughter-in-law and father of two wonderful and wild boys. I can assure all the families in Portland that their children are in good hands at David's office! And if he tells you to stay away from sweets ask him about grandma's chocolate chip cookies.

April 4, 2017
My boys and I love Portland Children's Dentistry!! Their team does an amazing job of taking care of the littles and making sure that they have fun, safe, and positive visit. The office is also super kid-friendly, with fun educational toys, a movie room, and prizes to earn at the end of each visit! I would highly recommend Portland Children's Dentistry to anyone looking for a dentist for their children.

February 1, 2017

December 29, 2016
My boys love Dr. David! He is everything you could want in a pediatric dentist. The entire staff is fantastic!

December 22, 2016
Dr. David creates a safe environment that allowed my 4 year old daughter Rosie to relax and accept his dental work. Rosie simply needed a cleaning, however she is very shy and can act up. Dr. David help calmly explained to her what was going on, how the cleaning would help her and made her feel understood.

Rosie responds well to adults who listen, converse, and equalize the relationship. I would recommend Dr. David and his staff to anybody in the PDX area.

December 12, 2016
I cant say more wonderful things about Dr. David and his team. My 2 year old had to go under general anesthesia and David and his team comforted my fears answered all my questions through text, email and direct phone calls from the dentist. they are very good at what they do and very very kind. Amazing bed side manner. This will be our forever dentist!

December 7, 2016
Incredible dentistry! Dr. David gave my wife and I some super helpful advice for how to care for our 18 month old. He's great with kids and I highly recommend his practice!

November 3, 2016

November 20, 2016
A brilliant dentist & listens to a mothers concerns!

October 26, 2016
Dr. Raphael is great with kids. Very friendly staff, my kids love going to the dentist. If you're looking for Childrens dentist, give Portland Childrens dentistry a try

October 25, 2016
Loved the care that they gave to our son. So kind and loving. Explained things on how everything was going to go and made us feel comfortable! We love Portland Children's Dentistry!

August 10, 2016
I never imagined being able to find such an amazing dentist for our 5yr old- who, unfortunately has a ton of work to be done- but we did!
Dr.David has an unbelievable amount of patience and does such a great job of making the child feel as comfortable as possible.

Side Note: all of the hygienist and receptionist are amazing as well- So sweet and welcoming!

Thank You So Much Dr.David!

August , 2016
I highly recommend Dr. David! He is FANTASTIC with kids, very patient, and really cares for your child's oral health and overall dental experience. I would drive out of the way for him to be my child's dentist he is that GREAT! Office has a great vibe and staff is very friendly as well. Your missing out if you do not choose to bring your child to Dr. David.

August 5, 2016
Our 18 month old son unfortunately has a bad case of tooth decay. This caused one of his teeth to chip and a lot of worry between my wife and I. We were able to setup a same day, new patient appointment with Dr. Patty and couldn't have been more pleased with our decision. Not only did they make room for us on their schedule with only a few hours notice, they had a fantastic office that made you forget you were even at a dentist appointment.
While the news about how bad the decay wasn't what we wanted to hear, Dr. Patty had a wonderful bedside manner and I would recommend anyone with children to this dental office.

August 5, 2016
I could not be more pleased with my visit! I am a very picky and particular mother when it comes to the care of my son and Dr. Patty and her staff made us feel so comfortable and safe. I went in for a second opinion and received the same treatment plans as I got from another pediatric dentist but Dr. Patty made me feel like what I was doing was ok and she assured me that the choice I made was only mine to make. I have never felt better with any dentist being adult or pediatric. I will continue to bring my son here for the remainder of his childhood! Thank you staff and Dr. Patty! You all do such a wonderful job! Keep it up!

July 28, 2016
I wish Dr. David took adults!! If this place had been around when I was a kid I never would have gotten cavities.

July 25, 2016
I love to see all these great reviews about a Dentist and an office that truly deserves the credit they've received! Dr. David is an amazing Dentist! The passion he has is shown through not only the work that is completed inside the mouth but also by the way he communicates with the patient at a child level, and a parent, to explain the importance of dental health, diagnosis of patients teeth, and treatment plan if necessary. I recommend Dr. David overall because he makes the experience for each of his patients a fun and non-stressful one!

July 21, 2016
Went here because of the good reviews and the proximity to our house and we were very much satisfied with everything. we arrived even before their opening hours but we were already attended to. the staff is accommodating, the clinic is very clean, has lots of very appropriate distraction/toys especially for very young active kids. Dr David explained every step of the dental exam, his observations, suggestions for my child with chipped tooth. i loved how honest he can be and at the same time still discuss other options that i might want to consider. will definitely not hesitate entrusting my kid's dental health to them.

June 4, 2016
You know that feeling you get when you hope that what you're reading in everyone's reviews is true? That you hope your child's experience is going to be a great one? This office far exceeds your expectations. From the moment you call to schedule the appointment to the moment you walk out holding your child's "No Cavity Club" picture it was flawless. I have seen both doctors (Dr. Patty and Dr. David) and would without any hesitation recommend either of them. The staff is awesome, making you feel welcome as soon as you enter their beautiful office. Parking is easy (and free!) I can't say enough about the approach and individual care that is given to each child. Also, the staff and doctors really listen to your questions and concerns and address them as if they where treating their own child. WHERE ELSE WILL YOU RECEIVE GREAT CARE LIKE THIS? Believe the hype. This place is genuinely amazing!

April 26, 2016
We want to see Dr David initially for a second opinion on dental work our son needed and he was great! Kind and patient answered all our questions and concerns. We decided to go through him for the work after our regular dentist turned out to have a long wait for hospital appointments and his staff was awesome in working with me to get out insurance sorted. Both my kids have since seen Dr David and they always leave the dentist happy.

April 23, 2016
I think this dentist office and their staff is absolutely the most amazing establishment for parents and kids. The office is immaculate and so creative. So warm and friendly. The play area is always super clean, and allows for educational and developmental opportunities. They are wonderful at working with children and making the dentist fun. Since I can remember as a child - the dentist was a scary and sometimes traumatic visit. Portland children's dentistry turns that concept on its head- my daughter looks forward to going to the dentist and seeing Dr. Patty. Each exam room has a theme with decor hanging from the ceiling. Clouds, airplanes, hot air balloons, etc. So much fun. So imaginative. Flat screens on the ceiling with great kid appropriate movies playing. Warm friendly music playing. The bathroom is also sparkling clean and offers a changing table fully stocked with diapers and wipes and has cute quotes on the walls from great characters like the big bad wolf, etcetera. Everything about this dentist office is super. I wish I could be a patient there!! I would recommend this to everyone who has children.

April 2016
Hygienists deal with children wonderfully. My son has seen both doctors and they're really great

March 2016
Our experience at Portland Children's Dentistry was fantastic. The entire staff is friendly and welcoming. They make my two year old feel comfortable to the point where she is excited to go to the dentist. Janelle was so fast with the teeth cleaning and has a perfect personality to work with young children. Dr. Patty is both warm and kind as well as knowledgeable and helpful when I had questions about my daughter's dental care. I cannot recommend this clinic highly enough!

March 2016
My experience at Portland Children's Dentistry couldn't have gone any better! The office is very kid friendly and welcoming. The dental assistant Janelle did such an amazing job with my niece! And Dr Patty was very nice and took her time to make my niece feel comfortable. I definitely recommend this office!

March 28, 2016
I brought my son here for his first dental appointment and Cristina was amazing even tho my son might not have been the best behaved. Thank you for making his first visit a fun one!

January 26, 2016
I came in for a cleaning and were told my son had a small cavity that needed to be fixed, The girl Angela at the front desk was so sweet and helpful! Got us checked in so fast, there was no waiting time! My son got comfortable in his chair And met with Dr. David, his almost fluent Russian was very comforting for my son! they got the cartoon and laughing gas going and my son didn't even notice the needles or drilling! Within 10-15 min they were all done! My kids are very excited every time they come here! Great professional Doctors and staff. The atmosphere is beyond kid friendly and bathrooms are clean! I'd give this place 10 stars if I could!!

January 20, 2016
Thank you Dr Patty and Cristina for such a great first visit for my daughter Vera! Going to the dentist can be very overwhelming and frightening yet you both worked very hard to make her feel comfortable and relaxed. As a mama, it means the world that I can trust you to make my daughter feel comfortable and happy! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Looking forward to our "happy visit" in a few weeks!

January 14, 2016
I don't usually write reviews, even though I read them. But I just came from my 3-year old's emergency appointment at Portland Children's Dentistry and I felt compelled to share how pleased I was (again) with their services. My 3 year old and 6 year old have been going to PCD for the last year or so, and every time we go the kids truly enjoy their visit. Both the doctors and the rest of the staff have been great, and the facility itself is beautiful. Honestly, if I could I would drink their good coffee and let my kids play in the toy area all morning. I highly recommend Portland Children's Dentistry, and wish them all future success.

December 3, 2015
My daughter dos great on her first visit! The office it's impeccable and the staff very professional and friendly! Dr. Patty was excellent and very patient with my baby girl! Excellent experience!

October 30, 2015
This was my daughter's first visit to the dentist. She is 3 and a bit shy. The hygienist was great, took the time to show my daughter all of the tools she would use, put on a show to distract her, and really made sure she was comfortable with everything she was going to do prior to doing it. She asked if it was OK to "Tickle" each of my daughter's teeth with the special brush, and really helped my daughter get comfortable prior to proceeding. The Dr. was great. We saw Dr. Patty, and it was a great experience. My daughter left with no cavities and was talking all the rest of the day about how great the visit was. I would recommend these folks in a heartbeat to other parents. My daughter is already asking when we get to go back.

October 21, 2015
Dr. David is great. Very patient, knowledgeable and caring. My son and I both have serious dental anxiety and he works well with it.

October 13, 2015
My daughter saw Dr. David and his Dental Assistant Janelle for her very first dental exam and it was the such a great experience! They really made my daughter feel comfortable and at ease. The office is clean, kid friendly and cool flat screens hanging from the ceilings for distraction. Our visit could not have been better!

October 2015
We had a great first visit with our two year old! I remember being a kid and going to "adult" offices that also do kids care, and I would feel on edge from the moment we walked in. We chose PCD because they set up an environment that caters to kids at every opportunity, and we wanted our son to feel safe and build positive dentist and healthcare experiences (not like the sterile Kaiser rooms where he's stripped down to be weighed on a horizontal scale before getting shots - whose idea was that?!). Once we could pull him away from the train table and past the toy wall (after visit treats), he let Dr. Raphael examine him and model tooth brushing without any fussing. I also learned we were using too much toothpaste (size of a grain of rice, not a pea) and that raisins are no good - I thought they were a healthy treat, whoops. So glad to find a place that is kid-centric and informative without making you feel judged. We'll be back, but hopefully not too often thanks to some sound advice!

September 12, 2015
My first experience as a child at the dental office was a nightmare. So I was a little worried how my adorable and loving children would react to their first dental appt. Let me tell, Dr Patty with her amazing smile washed all my fears away. My children were treated like royalty. Lollipops cartoons huge toy wall and in the end after hearing we were apart of the no cavity tree family, my kids turned to Dr Patty with love tears in their eyes and gave her a huge hug. ...Oh ya we are definitely coming back for our next cleaning. Thanks Patty

September 2, 2015
Dr. David is awesome! Highly recommend to anyone with young children, he really takes his time and explains what's going to the child and the parent! My son loves him.

August 28, 2015
When I took my kids there, the kids were very excited when they saw the toy wall. Dr. Patty and her sparkling personality made my children feel right at home. From the minute you open the door, you are greeted with a warm welcome and you leave feeling like your kids are going to be well taken care of and not be afraid to come back.

August 9, 2015
Great experience!! I took my son to Portland Children's Dentistry for his first check up. The office was clean, comfortable, and super kid friendly. My son was nervous at first but was put at ease by the hygienist and was won over immediately when he saw the prize wall. Dr. David is really nice, answered all my questions and gave good advice for how to keep my son's teeth clean and cavity free. I asked if they would be willing to see adults because I'd love it if my dentist's office was this cool.... unfortunately not! I've recommended them to my friends and we'll be going back again!!

June 7, 2015
My wife and I went to the open house and met Dr David, who is very knowledgeable and dedicated to his craft. The staff was very friendly, and helped create a very comfortable space. The office is also first-class. I would highly recommend Portland Children's Dentistry to anyone looking for a pediatric dentist.

June 5, 2015
I only wish every pediatric dentistry office was as incredible as this one. Every single person I interacted with from the front desk to the dentist was cheery and capable. The office itself is stocked with toys and books, plus, they genuinely instill in children a love of taking care of one's teeth. There is no reason to go anywhere else.

June 3, 2015
Great experience! My son needed to be seen immediately by a dentist and Dr. David was better than I could have ever hoped for. I am so glad to have discovered this practice.

June 2, 2015
No cavity wall! They take your kid's picture then print up a copy. Going right on the fridge and the grandparents love it.

June 1, 2015
My daughter had her first dental exam here and I am so glad we did! The entire staff was friendly and they were more than willing to work with my daughter's sensitivities. This place took away a lot of anxiety for me! We had a great experience :)

June 1, 2015
My son fell down so we went for the first time to see Dr. David in an emergency. The atmosphere of the office is great for kids and parents and Dr. David was excellent with my son. He was very nervous being in a new office and having just hurt his mouth but Dr. David helped relieve any worries for myself and my son. Will being coming back for sure.

May 28, 2015
Today I brought my so into your office and it was absolutely the best experience we have had in any office! From the front desk staff to the assistants and doctor in the back we were treated with such kindness. Thank you to each one of you. My son can't wait to come back next week for his next appointment.

May 20, 2015
I brought my son in today for a check up and he had a blast Dr. David and his staff are beyond amazing and explained everything to me and my son thoroughly. My son especially loved watching TV while he was getting his cleaning done and he loved the prize at the end. we can't wait to be back in six months.

April 3, 2015
My son Dusty had to have two teeth extracted today and they were flawless in doing so. The atmosphere alone is unlike one I have experienced before, it was quiet and calm, soothing music and very child friendly office. Dr. David and Marianne have surpassed what I had been expecting from a dentist visit. They truly care and respect your perspective and concerns for your child. I would very much so recommend this facility. Please give them a try especially if your child needs a new love for the dentist. Thanks Again you guys, Dusty is doing great!

April 2, 2015
Dr. David and the staff did a great job! The office is beautiful, Melissa was very helpful explaining my insurance benefits, and Marianne made it so fun for my 3 year old! I have recommended this office to all my friends!!

March 3, 2015
BEST DENTAL EXPERIENCE EVER! Honestly, we have taken our son to a few different dentists and Dr. Patty and the staff of Portland Children's Dentistry put them all to shame. To be honest, my son only had one bad dental experience and he's had some good dentists as well. However, none treated him and me like Dr. Patty and the PCD staff. We have done a dental exam, cleaning, X-rays, and filling. NO dentist before Dr. Patty and Marianne (spelling?) could get good X-rays of our son (now 8 years old). They did somehow. They helped get past his touchy gag reflex and they made him feel so comfortable through the filling and sealants. They were not pushy at all with the treatment and Melissa, the office manager, was so kind and helpful. They didn't even charge us for an X-Ray angle they took which later we found out our previous dentist had done 6 months before. Dr. Patty took the time to explain everything carefully, including her concerns for the future and things to watch out for. My only regret with PCD is that we didn't switch to them sooner! Oh, this might sound like a shill review or an advertisement, but I guess I am just that satisfied. The office looks wonderful and has plenty of toys and videos (even a video headset for procedures). They have free Wifi for parents too. Parking underneath is a breeze.

November 30, 2014
I have taken my 7 y/o son to see Dr Patty several times now. She is always attentive to his needs, ensuring that he feels as comfortable as possible during each visit. I have been very satisfied with the care and service Dr Patty provides, and I highly recommend her and the staff at Portland Children's Dentistry to any parent.

November 16, 2014
Dr. David is caring, thoughtful, and connected so easily with my two-year old. I would highly recommend him!

October 28, 2014
I took my 13 month old son here recently for his first dental appointment and every aspect from the reception area to the dentist chair was welcoming, kid friendly, easy and SUPER friendly. Dr. David was so informative and helpful about my son's current teeth, what to expect in the coming months and how to maintain a healthy regime moving forward. I would recommend Portland Children's Dentistry to anyone looking for a great and easy experience for their child. As an added bonus, they have a toy bin that kids get to choose from at the end of their visit and they took the cutest picture that they gave to me so I can remember this special milestone! All around SUPER impressed and plan to make them my son's permanent dentist.

October 28, 2014
My son is very comfortable with Dr. David. This place is great!

October 23, 2014
I took my one-year old son to see Dr. David for his first dentistry visit, and this is a beautiful office that is clean, comfortable and fun on the inside for both parents and kids. The front desk was friendly yet professional as they helped sort out our insurance. And Dr. David was fantastic in making my son feel at ease by allowing him to explore his surroundings such as the dentistry chair and some tools. We are huge fans of Portland Children's Dentistry and look forward to our next visit. We highly recommend it to everyone!!

October 22, 2014
I recently attended the opening of this amazing pediatrics office. The tall windows are facing the wonderful shopping center found on 23rd street. There is a lots of light and openness flowing throughout the office. Dr. Patricia is a very experienced dentist, who did her studies in Chile for about 6 years before continuing her studies in Oregon. She is a warm-kinded woman who makes each of her patients feel comfortable. Dr. Patty is dedicated to her practice and her patients. I would definitely recommend Portland Children's Dentistry to all parents and children.

October 20, 2014
I recently took my 4 yr old for her first dental appointment. Dr. Patty and her team were outstanding in making her feel comfortable with her surroundings, and showed her everything before doing it. The team is very friendly and with the kids and they know exactly how to get things done. Dr. Patty was extremely good with her skills and approach, she kept my daughter engaged all the time she was shown all the instruments and saw how they were used on their hands first. Then they laid back and watched a movie while their teeth were cleaned. It was fabulous. My daughter had such a great experience she did not want to leave! As well as we never felt rushed during the appointment!!!

October 15, 2014
I brought my 22 month old daughter here for her first dental check-up. I was over-the-top impressed with Dr Patty and her staff! My daughter actually enjoyed being there from start to finish and she still talks about the big bear in the waiting area. Dr Patty was great with my daughter and she was very knowledgable about pediatric dental health. She gave me great tips on how to ensure my daughter stays cavity free and she was so encouraging with the way she complimented us on my daughter's dental hygiene so far. We will be telling our friends with kids about this place for sure!

September 23, 2014
I want to start off saying this is the BEST place in so many ways I really can't think of one thing I would change that says a lot!

I have been to another place that's well known in Portland and they didn't do a good job in many ways, so that's why I went looking for a new place and I found it. My son is 8 and he has been here two times and saw both Dr. David and Dr. Patricia they are BOTH great!

My son went the other day to get a baby tooth pulled and it was so easy. He had a tv to watch and keep him busy and they explained everything and he didn't even cry. Also after the toy bin he got three toys and a balloon.

If you are looking for a clean place with great doctor and staff and someone your kid won't mind to go to, this is the place!!!!!

I just wanted to add the next day they even called to see how my son was feeling I have to say for them to remember and care says a lot about the place! I wish they took big people also!

September 18, 2014
We have seen Dr. Patty on several occasions and every time we have had a very pleasant experience. She does a great job helping my nervous son feel comfortable and I have never felt that I left with any unanswered questions. The entire staff is very friendly and professional. We will definitely continue to see Dr. Patty!

September 17, 2014
Dr. David and crew made my daughter and I feel very comfortable through the entire appointment. The office is clean and spaced out really well. Your kid will love this place, mine is already asking to go back!

August 29, 2014
I heard about this place from a friend who had a good experience, so I decided to try them out. I was looking for a pediatric dentist for my one year old for a first visit, and they have a convenient location. The office is super nice, tons of stuff for kids to play with, and a TV room if you want to watch it (but for people like me that don't watch TV it was nice not to have in my face). Front desk staff super friendly and professional, easy to make appointment and deal with insurance. Dr. David was amazing with my kid, really gentle and fun. Got the exam done with no tears, good to have a positive first experience with the dentist so he's not afraid in the future. Pretty sweet toy bin. The best part is I could go shopping at World Market after (it's literally right next door).

August 13, 2014
Portland Children's Dentistry is the best pediatric dental office I have been to. Dr. David is amazing with my daughter, and made her feel comfortable. His care was astounding and he thoroughly explained everything, and left me with no questions. He made us feel comfortable and happy with every service performed.

May 12, 2014
My 7r yr old son had a wonderful experience with Dr. David. Dr. D was careful and caring, but also efficient and didn't waste time once he had my son in the chair. I was impressed that he was able to explain to me in "grown up language" what I needed to know, while at the same time establishing a rapport with my son and putting him at ease. We would definitely come back to Dr. David and his practice.

August 13, 2013
"My son is usually my most anxious child when it comes to Doctor/Dentist visits. Dr. Patty helped him feel comfortable and at ease. He didn't need any extraordinary measures taken for his recent extraction because the staff were all so great with him! His recovery was swift as well, and that makes for a happy son and a happy mama."

July 31, 2013
"We were running late and the office graciously kept our appt. a half an hour later. Dr. Patty took time to explain the novocaine and nitrous oxide to my child even through his 20-question intervals. Thank you!"

July 10, 2013
"We love Dr. Patty"

June 11, 2013
"My daughter loves coming to the dentist thanks to your office. Thank you for creating such a positive environment for children to learn the importance of dental care."

May 3, 2013
"Maddie and Dr. Patty were AMAZING! They gently guided my anxious daughter through a complete exam and cleaning with reassurance and confidence. We couldn't be happier, and my daughter can't wait to go back!"

May 3, 2013
"Yes, I HAVE strongly referred people to you! Awesome awesome… LOVE Dr. Patty, and Bailie is fantastic with my daughter! My daughter had had a negative and fearful experience for her first two dentist appts. elsewhere, and she came to you last year very apprehensive about the dentist as a result. It took a few visits to earn her cooperation and trust, but all with no tears all the while, and yesterday – after about 6 months since last being seen, she was the perfectly cooperative patient… you guys have turned her around! Thank you. I wish I came to you in the first place when I began her dental care! Now I know… you are the best! My almost four-year old actually enjoys the dentist I think…. where were you when I was kid? ;) Keep it up!"

February 4, 2013
"Dr. Patty and Heather squeezed my daughter in on a Friday afternoon after I called for advice because she had fallen and chipped her tooth pretty badly. At 16 months we hadn't yet established care with a dentist and I had planned to just take her to our family dentist when it was time to start regular cleanings. We weren't expecting anything like this to happen and not many dentists are open on Friday but I really wanted to get her seen to make sure her tooth was ok. Dr. Patty's office didn't even ask if we were patients there, she just squeezed us in. I expected a quick look and a, "looks good, keep an eye on it and let us know if she acts like it's bothering her" and a rush out the door, but Heather and Dr. Patty took their time…"

December 20, 2012
"Dr. Patty was careful to explain exactly what would happen during my son's tooth extraction, and give him plenty of time to ask questions. There was no rush to just get through it as quickly as possible."

August 5, 2012
"My 7r yr old son had a wonderful experience with Dr. David. Dr. D was careful and caring, but also efficient and didn't waste time once he had my son in the chair. I was impressed that he was able to explain to me in "grown up language" what I needed to know, while at the same time establishing a rapport with my son and putting him at ease. We would definitely come back to Dr. David and his practice."

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