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Pediatric Oral Surgery
Portland, OR

Illustration of a cracked tooth at Portland Children's Dentistry in Portland, Oregon Under certain conditions, like when the time comes to extract a tooth, improving or sustaining a child’s oral health may require surgical intervention. Our team at Portland Children's Dentistry has the advanced training and expertise needed to treat a wide variety of pediatric conditions. Visit one of our Portland offices for a consultation today.

Common Pediatric Conditions that Require Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery may be required for some different reasons. We can assist with problems that arise from congenital issues, injury, hygiene, and other oral and maxillofacial abnormalities. The most common pediatric conditions that require oral surgery include:
•  Cavities: Establishing proper oral hygiene habits is crucial for maintaining healthy teeth, but there is a learning curve. When preventative measures fail, we can help. Depending on severity, we can treat dental cavities with fillings, crowns, or extraction.
•  Baby bottle decay: This is a fairly common disorder with our younger patients. Children that are put to bed with a bottle or sippy cup can experience severe decay. Avoid this practice, and you can avoid surgical intervention.
•  Malformed teeth: Sometimes a child may be born with impacted or abnormally shaped teeth that can have severe consequences for the for the future of their oral health.
•  Extra teeth: This is a very common problem for children and adolescents. Supernumerary or hyperdontia teeth can cause bite and alignment issues.
•  Injury: Accidents happen, and when they do, we can help restore their mouth and foster proper growth and development.
•  Infection: Odontogenic infections can be removed with surgery and protect your child from orofacial infections and other complications.

Ignoring issues can result in worse problems for your child’s, bite, speech, and ability to chew and swallow. Issues including a cleft palate or lip, and injuries like a broken jaw, necessitate emergency dental surgery to avoid long-term complications.

Dental Sedation for Children

Many parents are concerned with the safety when it comes to their child receiving dental sedation. Sedation is a very safe procedure, but there are steps you can take to help reduce the risks and stress level of your child.

Before the procedure, we will advise parents to restrict food and drink for safety reasons. Make sure the child is dressed in loose-fitting clothing to allow our dental assistants to attach monitors quickly and without commotion. Please provide a full medical history and information about any medications your child may be taking.

At our office, you can help your child stay relaxed with positive reinforcement and a calm demeanor. Some parents find it helpful to sing, hold their hand, or bring a comfort item such as a toy or stuffed animal. Avoid bringing other children so you can provide your full attention to the child or baby receiving dental care. Safety is our main priority. During sedation, we will monitor blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen level, and temperature.

Pediatric Dental Surgery Aftercare

After the sedation, your child may feel confused, fussy, or nauseous. Minor bleeding can be easily controlled with gauze. Discomfort of the mouth, vomiting, and mild swelling are common symptoms. If the child is experiencing any major symptoms such as severe pain, heavy bleeding, or persistent vomiting, contact us immediately.

Contact Us About Pediatric Oral Surgery

We know oral surgery can be a scary thought. At Portland Children's Dentistry, we can provide a comfortable, reassuring, and successful experience for both you and your child. Contact us today at (503) 893-2889, and schedule a consultation visit.

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Our team at Portland Children's Dentistry has the advanced training and expertise needed to treat a wide variety of pediatric conditions.
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