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Nerve Treatment for Baby Teeth provided by , , and in Portland, OR at

Nerve Treatment for Baby Teeth
Portland, OR

Image of a baby about to receive nerve treatment at Portland Children's Dentistry. immediately to determine if a root canal is needed. Harmful bacteria in your mouth can lead to tooth decay and eventually cause infection. This is true for both primary and permanent teeth. If bacteria from a cavity spreads to the blood vessels and nerves that supply the tooth, it can cause pain or infection. Sensitivity, pain, swollen gums, or looseness of a tooth can be signs of an infection.

When to Consider Nerve Treatment

A pulpotomy may be indicated when bacteria gets to the nerves and blood vessels. In this case, the infected tissue is removed and a material is placed that prevents the infection from growing any further. This may be a better option than removing the infected tooth, which could cause spacing and development issues as the child grows.

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Nerve Treatment for Baby Teeth | Portland Children's Dentistry - Portland, OR
At Portland Children's Dentistry, if you think your child may have an infected tooth, call our office immediately to get nerve treatment for baby teeth. Click to learn more.
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