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Behavior Management Techniques & Options for Sedation

A dentist appointment can be an intimidating experience for young people. Previous dental experiences, stories from friends or siblings, and even movies or television shows can all contribute to a child's anxiety in the dental office.

Pediatric dentist making sure the child is comfortable with sedation dentistry at Portland Children's Dentistry.At Portland Children's Dentistry, we understand that there isn't one formula that works for all children and families. From behavior management techniques such as tell-show-do and distraction (television and movie glasses!), to in-office IV sedation, we find ways to make your child have a comfortable and fun experience.

A "happy visit" is a good way to make the office feel like a safe place. At this visit, we introduce a child to the instruments and techniques we use. By going for a ride in the chair, playing with "Mr. Thirsty", wearing movie glasses, and exploring the instruments, a child can quickly learn that the office is a safe and interesting place.

For children who are nervous about their visit or have a difficult time sitting still, we offer a number of sedation options.

Laughing gas ("happy air")

Laughing gas (or nitrous oxide and oxygen) is a helpful tool that we frequently use to help children relax. It is breathed in and out through a scented mask that rests gently over the nose. Children on laughing gas do not fall asleep and are able to communicate clearly. Laughing gas is a safe, fast acting, and effective way to make an appointment more enjoyable.

Sedation Dentistry for Kids

There are many reasons for this: your child may be prone to a high degree of anxiety, they may twitch or move during the treatment, or the procedure is extensive. With sedation dentistry, your child will have the most pain-free and comfortable dental experience.

IV sedation and Hospital dentistry

IV sedation is used to ensure that your child receives comprehensive dental care in a safe, controlled, stress-free manner. At an IV sedation appointment, an anesthesiologist is at the office to administer medications and ensure that while your child is asleep, he or she is safe and comfortable. While asleep, all of your child's cavities will be treated.

Dr. David and Dr. Patty also maintain hospital privileges at local children's hospitals for those children who, due to medical needs, require a hospital rather than clinical setting for sedation.

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